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    How to get the id from a list?

    cratica Level 1

      For the following list, how can I access the preceeding number of each member?  (the 2, the 3...)


      templist = [2: "blah blah blah, 3: "yada yada yada"]



      The list is the result of an xtra that returns joystick id's from Windows so that is something that is not controlled ( can't change the list).  Sometimes, it will be 1:.... , 2:....   sometimes it will be 3:...  4:....  etc....   Point is, the list will be random based on what Windows reports.



      I tried using "the delimiter = ","... doesn't work.


      put templist[1] always returns the same thing....


      "blah blah blah"



      What I need is to be able to determine what index is assocated with "blah blah blah"  (answer would be 2)



      Any thoughts?