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    HTTPService is Intermittent when run my AIR app in Mac OS Leopard

    *+°.RaDiKaL EdWaRd.°+*

      HI every one..


      Well, I have a very strange problem, I developed a AIR application with FLEX that use HTTPServices that consume a .NET WebService, that WebService has methods that connect a MSSQL 2005 DB and return a XML that I read with a Flex ResultEvent. For any situation (I don't why and what's wrong, i spend a lot time with this problem!!!) each time that i run my app in Mac OS 10.5 "Leopard" it's CRASH the HTTPService!! each time that this happen i get a FaultEvent...but is strange 'couse i test my app in Mac OS 10.4 "Tiger" and my app runs well. I Test with 4 Mac Computer, 2 of them with "TIGER" and the other ones with "LEOPARD", all the test's in this last ones get that Fault event.


      I read that is a Flex Bug but really i want to know what is happenin' and what is the solution for this situation...please help me.