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    Gradient Mesh Help!!!

    jdutle Level 1

      Hello I need some help with the gradient mesh tool. I have has used it before for simple designs and logos with no problem, but I need to use it now to make a blank t-shirt with folds. I am having trouble figuring out how to get the mesh to rap cleanly around the folds. If there is an alternate way to do this instead of gradient mesh please share, but I need it to be done in Illustrator and be able to retain the ability to change the color of the shirt easily. I would greatly appreciate any help. I have attached some examples of what I am going for. Thanks.






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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          I am not the most experience at this so I will suggest that you might need to wait till Scott Weichert or Gary Newman or James or Skullmaker show up with some expertise but some of those were done on onside and flopped to make one full shirt.


          It should be fairly straight forward. You could do the mesh on a separte layer and then use a transparency setting and or a blending mode.

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            jdutle Level 1

            Thats what I was wanting to do, but to my knowledge you cant merge two meshes together. But Im still trying to get one half of a shirt to look good.  Im trying to get the mesh to follow the folds but its not very forgiving.

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              [scott] Level 6

              It simply takes practice.


              If I were doing it I wouldn't attempt it with a single mesh. i don't see why you'd need to do it with just 1 or 2 meshes. I'd create the basic outline of the garment in a solid, flat shape. Then add meshes above that shape for the shading. How many ever meshes I felt I needed. Then, select the meshes and set them to "multiply." After that, to change color all you need do is change the base shape color.

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                I would say this is probably the wisest and most efficient and freest 

                way of going about this.

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                  Skullmaker Level 3

                  FREEBIE!, FREEBIE!, Yeah!


                  Please open the PDF file in Ai. I hope this helps!



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                    jdutle Level 1

                    Yeah that looks like what I was going for.  How do I download the attachment.  I see it listed but I cant click on it.  I can save the .jpeg of the image but now .pdf file.   Thanks.

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                      Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                      To be very honest with you even if you download the pdf it might not be so easy to duplicate what Skullmaker has done he has a lot of experience
                      at this sort of thing. I think he has been doing this kind of thing before the founders of Adobe were born, well at least he is grouchy enuogh to be around since before that time?




                      It is like Scott wrote it takes practice talent and exerience.