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    what capture format do I use for avchd?


      I have a stupid question.  I am using a Panasonic AG-HMC150 and pulling off HD footage to CS4, but when I get the project start screen and go to the drop down box next to "caprture format", it only allows me to choose from either DV or HDV.  Why?  I have been using HDV, but why doesn't it offer the option to capture in AVCHD?  Also, in all the tutorials it shows them capturing in Quicktime.  I realize they are on an Apple Mac, but shouldn't my PC with CS4 still offer that as a capture option, or is that specific to CS4 for Mac?  Thanks!

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          Colin Brougham Level 6
          1. There is no AVCHD capture option because you don't/can't capture AVCHD--you edit the files as they were recorded. In the parlance of Premiere, "capture" refers to the transfer of video footage from a digital tape into a file on your computer's hard drive. The only two formats natively supported by Premiere for "capture" from tape are DV and HDV. That's why there are only those two options. If you're working with AVCHD solely, and you won't be using DV or HDV from tape, it doesn't matter what capture format you select--you'll never use it. And, even if you choose one and later on need the other, it's simply a matter of changing the setting in the capture window. So, for the most part, you can ignore this setting if you're not using tape.
          2. QuickTime (at least as a capture/preview format) is Mac only. You can export a QuickTime of your footage or finished project, but that's a different matter altogether. If you're on PC, you capture to AVI files for DV and M2T files for HDV; Premiere handles the container after you select the kind of video you're capturing.
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            scdreaming Level 1

            Thanks Colin!  I figured what you said was the case prior to my posting, but I was second guessing myself as usual and needed a second opinion.  So apparently I am not as stupid as I thought!  haha!  I only work with SD cards and never connect using Firewire or HDMI or USB.  I just plug my little SD card into my computer multimedia slot and pull the M2T files in through the media browser.  I just wanted to confirm I was not missing out on anything.  I am trying to maximize the quality of my output so it pops when I finish my final render.  You have given me the courage now to go forth and prosper!  Thanks!!  Cheers!