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    Flash CS4


      I have been using Flash for some time and Adobe keeps sending me emails asking me to upgrade to CS4. Well, I have no intention to do so. I spent more than I wanted for CS3 and there is nothing CS4 can offer me that CS3 cannot do. I would have expected Adobe, being a corporate world leader, to release an 64-bit version of CS4 for those of us using an x64 operating system. Did they? No. Will they? Not likely. Well, folks, if you want MY money, you need to make CS4 64 bit. Not 64 bit compatible, but a true 64 bit application with all the benefits of such (increased processing, increased memory bandwidth... etc..). This is the ONLY way Adobe will ever see a purchase from me again. But, of course, I am but a single person so I doube it'll happen. Most likely, they'll never make a 64 bit version which is stupid since Windows 7 will be the last M$ release to be 32 bit.


      Hey, people, in the fast changing world of computers and technology, x64 is ancient already - how about supporting it finally?!