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    Strange artifacts when importing .MP4 files?

    danimations80 Level 1

      Hi all-


      I've been experimenting with my new Sanyo Xacti HD2000 camera, and am in the process of diagnosing the source of my suffering. In short, I'm having issues with artefacts which coulf be caused by: faulty camera, slow SDHC card, corrupted files (from moving them between external and internal hard drives) or premiere ingestion/codec issues.


      I shot a theatre production recently at the camera's 720p setting, which apparently writes to the camera's SDHC card at 9 Mb/second. The production was very dark, and often shots had lots of negative space (black) in them, so I'm guessing the average write-speed required was less than that.


      I looked up the specs of the SDHC card I was using, and all it tells me is that its minimum write speed is 6 Mb/sec. If the card's write speed can't keep up with the camera, can that lead to artifacts? I'm guessing so. Unfortunately I did not


      Then, after I brought the files into Premiere Pro CS4 and rendered them, I notice frequent artifacts- some light and some heavy. I'm wondering if write speed is likely to be the problem, or whether it is Prem. pro CS4 struggling to interpret/render the video files? Codec issue perhaps?


      I'm about to stick the native .MP4 files back on the SDHC disk and play them on a high-def TV (which has a built in card reader) and see if the artifacts are still there (or if they're displaying differently).


      I'm wondering if anyone out there has had similar problems with artifacts, importing MP4 footage into Premiere Pro CS4, and possible work-arounds or transcoding methods... any of your experiences and insights on editing MP4 footage would be much appreciated!