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    Removing Frame Rate Distortions

    allisonf. Level 1

      I am editing using Premiere Pro for CS4. I edited some footage on a sequence with the incorrect settings and am now having major troubles exporting the video.

      I shoot HD footage (1280x720, at 24 fps) with a Nikon D90.

      What I did wrong initially was to edit the footage with a frame rate of 25 instead of 24/23.976 . When I realized my mistake, I copied this footage into a new sequence with the correct settings and frame rate.

      However, now the footage is very jumpy after it is exported. I looked for a feature that would allow me to remove the distortion due to copying the edited footage between sequences with different frame rates (like Final Cut's "remove attributes", "distort").  However, so far I cannot find anything. But, I am hoping there is a way to remove this distortion, otherwise I will have to re-edit the entire video again.

      Any ideas? I would love some help!

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          It is very unlikely the act of copying the clips caused any issues.

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Check the framerate in the interpret footage of the clips in the project window to see to what framerate it is set for. Correct this if neccessary.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              IIRC, the Nikon D-90 encodes to MJPEG. Which MJPEG CODEC do you have? Both the MainConcept and the Morgan get high marks. Others, not so much.


              Are you in PAL-land, hence the 25 fps? What is the exact description of the camera's 24 fps setting? Is it some form of 24p, or 24pA? You'll probably have to delve into the manual for this, as full descriptions will not likely be on Nikon's site, and though popular, not many in this forum use a D-90 for capturing motion.


              Good luck,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                As a bit of a followup, you might be best off creating a Sequence with a custom setting for your frame size and 24p as the frame rate.


                Jim has also written several articles on 24p/24pA material. Some were before the forum changeover, but I think someone found them and there are now current links to many of those, plus the discussions that accompanied them. There might be some suggestions in those, that would apply to your footage, and help you with the Project/Sequence settings.


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                  allisonf. Level 1



                  Thank you for the ideas. I am not sure what codec I have but I will look it up.

                  With the D90, I was shooting in HDV- so my frame rate is 24p not 24pA.


                  I have tried creating a custom sequence for my footage. I am using the HDV720p editing mode, because it seems to be the only editing mode that is HDV and is 1280x720 (which is the size of my footage). However, there is no option to edit with 24p with this setting, only with 23.976 fps. Could this be causing my problem?