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    SkinnableContainer - No class registered for interface 'mx.styles::IStyleManager2' error

    KenichiM Level 1

      I'm using a SkinnableContainer derived component in an <s:Application>.  The SkinnableContainer component uses a skin that is presented in this article, http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/gumbo/html/WSF1E2E7DD-8FA6-408d-9652-4B5E57A85A5A.html.  It compiles and runs fine the first time.  However when I change the gradient entry color in the skin, then at runtime I get the following error: No class registered for interface 'mx.styles::IStyleManager2' error.  If I move the <s:rect> portion of the skin inline within the SkinnableContaner derive component, it works fine.  What am I missing?