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    Flash doesn't work in Dreamweaver dialog windows on Mac.

    f-source developers

      We need to show a flash preview in our extension user interface.

      It works perfectly in PC versions of DW (8, CS3, CS4)http://f-source.com/img/uis/preview2.jpg

      but doesn't work on Mac.

      After spending many hours with Mac DW, we marked the preview feature as "Windows only".


      I've been trying to find examples of using flash in Dreamweaver dialog windows.

      The only example I found doesn't work on Mac too.


      Mac Dreamweaver 8 => Insert => Media => Flash button


      The sample button doesn't react on mouse rollover as it does in PC version.

      You must click on the button to see the rollover effect.


      Looks like flash stops in first frame or something.

      Our preview doesn't show at all. Only if you click on the select element it blinks and disappears.


      The guys from webstunning.com have the same problem - http://webstunning.com/flv-player/tutorial/


      Is there a workaround to this?

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          pziecina Adobe Community Professional

          I do not know of any reason why the Mac version should differ from the PC version in using flash for a dialog box preview.


          As you are creating an extension for DW, I am assuming that you are familiar with the extending DW and api documentation, and that your dialog box works in all other respects on the mac.


          Can you preview a normal swf file in the DW design window, without selecting live view or preview in browser?


          ? the extension from webstunning is marked as pc/mac, and I do not know of any compatibility problems, can you give me a link to illustrate the problem (forum, etc.)



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            f-source developers Level 1

            Thank you for the answer.

            Yes, I am familiar with the extending DW etc.. The problem only with Mac preview.

            We getting many emails about preview on Mac.


            A programmer from webstunning.com is my acquaintance.

            They have the same problem, however the FLV Player was approved by Adobe QA for Mac OS.




            All other preview methods are working in Mac, design view, live view and browser preview.


            I've made several screenshot:

            http://f-source.com/images/screens/Picture-1.png - it works in design view.


            http://f-source.com/images/screens/Picture-2.png - doesn't work in the dialog window


            http://f-source.com/images/screens/Picture-3.png - webstunning player - black square instead of FLV video preview


            http://f-source.com/images/screens/Picture-4.png - webstunning player - black square instead of full player preview



            If you can test it, please download the UI - http://f-source.com/images/screens/ui.zip and a menu - http://f-source.com/buy/adobeMenu/menu.zip

            Or free version of FLV Player - http://webstunning.com/flv-player/download/

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              pziecina Adobe Community Professional

              I have checked a number of resources so -

              1. Are you using an intel based mac?
              2. Have you checked that the 'linking' to all files are correct for a mac?
              3. Which version of the flash player have you installed?
              4. What versions of DW does this happen with (if possible)?
              5. If you deleted the 'get flash player' prompt does this show if you re-insert it?



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                f-source developers Level 1

                1. Yes, I have an intel based mac. Possibly all customers who reported the bug have the intel, I didn't asked.

                2. Yes, DWfile.exists() returns true. The flash blinks sometimes and disappears.

                3. I've updated to the latest version of the Flash Player with no avail.

                4. I test in DW CS4 and DW 8. In version 8 it works little better because I have a chance to see flash movie, when I click a select element.

                See screenshots:

                - http://f-source.com/images/screens/Picture-6.png- the menu appears after click on the select, but it doesn't react on the mouse rollover

                - http://f-source.com/images/screens/Picture-7.png- the flash video starts after click on the select, but it stops when the selection drop down list is closed.

                I don't have a chance to see a flash movie in DW 8, if the page don't have a select element.

                5. I don't understand what you mean, I don't get the prompt.

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                  pziecina Adobe Community Professional



                  The reason I asked of you have an intel based mac, is that I only have an old Motorola based mac laptop, and yes, the extensions you provided works on that.


                  The fact that you are getting the black screen shows that the flash player is present, but the code I asked about is the -

                  <!-- This param tag prompts users with Flash Player 6.0 r65 and higher to download the latest version of Flash Player. Delete it if you don’t want users to see the prompt. -->
                          <param name="expressinstall" value="../../Scripts/expressInstall.swf" />

                  or similar, which would display if the version was too old.


                  There has been a number of posts on various forums relating to problems with the flash player on the intel base mac, from incompatibility (people having the wrong version), to the player only playing the first few frames (possibly your problem, as you are getting the black background).


                  Have you checked the local security settings for the flash player?

                  Also if you insert the flash player controls start/stop etc does the player work then?

                  Have you tried inserting the new player code as used in CS4, as the extending DW documntation code is the old version, and has not changed since MX2004? (Please visit the link below before doing this.)


                  I am including a link to another forum (apple support), wich you may find helpfull -




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                    f-source developers Level 1


                    thanks again for your answers.


                    It's a good news that it works on non-intel based Macs. However the amount of intel based mac users is growing.


                    I've searched many forums about the intel-mac-flash-player problems, but nothing helps.

                    I have no problem with flash player outside of dreamweaver. (outside of DW dialog windows)

                    I have the latest version of flash player. I've removed local security restrictions in the flash player security setting manager.


                    I've tried to uninstall the flash player with the  Adobe uninstaller and install older version, but I always get the warning message that the version is for PowerPC-based Mac systems.


                    I doubt that new player code will help, because the problem persist in older dreamweaver versions.


                    Thanks for your suggestions, I try everything, but the problem is not resolved.

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                      pziecina Adobe Community Professional

                      When you navigate to the extension code and select a default swf file, does this show in the flash player, as this will appear in an external window and not as part of the DW interface?


                      The reason I ask this is to ascertain that the generated code works on intel based macs, as I cannot check this, (for diagnostics problems having it work on my old mac is probably not a good think for me, but it is good news for you).


                      If it does work, then the problem may be in the way dreamweaver is communicating the generated code on a mac too the flash player as a part of the DW interface. Could you tell me if it works when it is inserted into the html page, when the user selects the flash icon and then selects play in the properties window.


                      Have you checked other extensions (appart from the one you mentioned before), that use a flash interface to see if they have this problem?


                      If others do have this problem, then it is more than likely a problem with DW, and Adobe should be informed to see if they know of a solution. I have not found or seen anything on this problem though, but that does not mean that Adobe does not know about it.


                      It would be good if Adobe provided more support for extension developers, but!.