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    Flash doesn't work in Dreamweaver dialog windows on Mac.

    f-source developers

      We need to show a flash preview in our extension user interface.

      It works perfectly in PC versions of DW (8, CS3, CS4)http://f-source.com/img/uis/preview2.jpg

      but doesn't work on Mac.

      After spending many hours with Mac DW, we marked the preview feature as "Windows only".


      I've been trying to find examples of using flash in Dreamweaver dialog windows.

      The only example I found doesn't work on Mac too.


      Mac Dreamweaver 8 => Insert => Media => Flash button


      The sample button doesn't react on mouse rollover as it does in PC version.

      You must click on the button to see the rollover effect.


      Looks like flash stops in first frame or something.

      Our preview doesn't show at all. Only if you click on the select element it blinks and disappears.


      The guys from webstunning.com have the same problem - http://webstunning.com/flv-player/tutorial/


      Is there a workaround to this?