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    Problem with Image Scaling and Preloader

    Pettor_swe Level 1
      Hi! I have been working with an "image scroller" (.fla attached) and have some problems.

      Right now the file is working as intended. I have a database with a table of paths to pictures. By using php, the scroller loads all the images from the path's and add them to the scroller.

      The problem here is the preloader and scaling of the addes pictures. Right now the pictures i test the file with is 164*164 pixels and then the scroller works perfect. But i need to scale all pictures that is not 164*164 to 164*164.

      And the preloader i think is tricky, because i have no clue of the size of all pictures put togheter and they are not loaded from within the file.

      To download follow this link:


      I have used a path.txt here to load the pictures instead of a php file, for the ease of it. So just change the path's in the path.txt file to pictures with scaled to 164*164 to test it.

      Big thanks for any help!