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    XDCAM EX With Premier Issues




      i have footage shot on XDCAM EX camera EX1 and EX3 actually, and I started the editing of this footage on Premier CS4 but when my projects becomes bigger it gets some crashes and when I try to exprt the video to blueray or even dvd I get the media encoder jammed in the middle of its process!

      I read in sony's documentation that I may need the MainConsept TM video codec and plugin to achieve better results is it why I'm suffering?

      any other ideas?

      please help, i am working on a documentary with about 20 Hours of footage.


      my system is:

      SuperMicro MB with dual CPUs (Xeon Core2Quad 2.33)

      32GB Ram

      ATI Raedon 3870 X2 Video Card

      1TB System and Applications HD

      RAID 5 2TB (3 Hard Disks) for Projects and Media

      BlueRay Writer

      DVD Writer

      ATI VideoWonder Capture Card

      Seprate RAID 5 controller from Promise tm.


      thanks in advance


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I have never tried EX footage in such 20 hour dimensions, it worked quite OK with 2 or 3 hours of footage, but when looking at you disk setup, with a 3 disk raid5 and considering you have around 360 GB of raw footage, it seems like the weak link in your setup, especially with a Promise controller. On a side note, why do you have the ATI Wonder card installed?


          It appears that disk thruput is the bottleneck causing these crashes. I would first suggest you add another disk to your raid5. If that does not work, you may consider a better controller card. Your CPU and RAM definitely should not cause any problems.