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    Flex Builder License Problem



      I am planning to lauch my new website in which i want to use SWF file.This swf file I want to create using Free trail version of Flex Builder 3.I want to know whther in future ,there would be any problem regarding License as I am using Trail Version of Flex Builder.

      Please let me know ASAP.


      Thanks and Regards.

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          Hi , the trial version of Flex builder 3 is 30 or 60 days (don't know exactly, a year ago it was 60, but most Adobe products are 30 days).

          After this period you need to have an Flex Builder 3 Serial Number. The swf file you generate with the trial version will ofcourse still work, even after your trial period has ended. But then you can't open de swf with Flex Builder 3 to change the code.


          An other option is to use Eclipse (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=eclipse+download ). Because Flex is a free open source framework, but having the Flex Builder is more handy...

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