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    Handling AVCHD Lite files in PE7


      After much research and trial and error, I thought I would share what I have found about this topic. There does seem to be a couple of ways to handle these clips without PE7 falling over every time, though teh first is very tedious. If anyone can find a better way, please let me know?

      First convert the clips to HDV

      1. Transfer all clips to the PC. You can use PE7 to do this or the Panasonic supplied s/w. It seems that only the .MTS file is necessary

      2. Start a new project using the HDV 720p setting

      3. Import one AVCHD lite clip by copying from Windows folder into project widow.

      4. Move to timeline and wait until the video images appear fully with the red line over the top.

      5. Render (Slow process: >5 hours for a 1:30 clip on a 2.67 GHz Quad Processor)

      6. Export (Share) as a new PC file into a different folder as an MPEG file using HDV 720p 25 file preset.

      7. Back to 3. For the next clip

      Note: You can do more than 1 clip at a time but the more & bigger clips the more likely PE7 is to stop working.

      Edit Project

      When you have all the clips converted, start a new project using the HDV 720p settings, import your converted clips and edit away!

      Notes This is a tedious and time consuming process even on a new PC with a Quad processor but it does eventually work.


      Note to Self: Next time, it may be better to use Motion JPEG to record video on TZ7. Set at HD, you get the same resolution as AVCHD lite i.e. 1280x720 at a frame rate of 30fps. This might also give a better result when panning.


      PS: You can also use the Panasonic PhotofunStudio HD edition to import the file and use their editor to delete unwanted portion of the clips. This might save time but the numbering system on the Panasonic clips is unusual.


      Much Faster Method

      You can use VoltaicHD from Shedworx to do the conversion to a WMA/Vor an AVI file. This seems to work quickly and simply but will cost you $35. Cheap if you have a lot to do!