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    Video intro slow when full screen

      The avi runs great even in authoring mode. Movie and avi is 1024x768. Also runs smooth when running movie.exe as long as it is run from a window. When I make the movie go full-screen (using an xtra), the avi has a lot of stops/starts (stutters) and is not running at full fps. All other parts of my movie run fine at full-screen. I can't figure out why it slows down to a crawl at full-screen mode.

      Anyone know what the problem is?

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          Your processor/video card doesn't have enough horsepower to play the movie. Remember that you are running the digital video player inside Director, and so Director takes some of the computer's processing away from the dv player. You may be able to solve the problem by lowering the data rate of the video, or by changing the codec altogether. If this dv file really is an AVI then you are far better off by changing to another, more modern, file type.