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    Identifying naming conflicts when consolidating .flas -

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      Greetings all,




      Over the past years I have created many different .fla's of aircraft panels( ie. hydraulic panel, electrical panel, pressurization panel, etc.)  Each .fla has only one panel in it.  Each panel is a movieclip and made up of movieclips, graphics, etc.  It has it's own code built in and the idea was to be able to copy the panel from the original .fla to a new .fla, that contained other panels, and together would become part of a training program for the company. No I wasn't smart enough to uniquely name each asset(switch, guage, light, etc.). I did avoid the default names like symbol1, symbol2, etc.


      Now I need to take each of the panels from the individual .fla's and put them into one larger .fla to act as a single library for all the panels.  This single .fla will become the master Library that I will link all future .fla's to.  As you would guess I get the "One or more library items already exist in the document:" message when I try to copy and paste a panel(movieclip) into the new .fla.




      Is there an easy way to identify specifically which items are in conflict  without having to do a direct comparison between each of the libraries???


      Thanks for the help,






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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't know of any easy way to go about what you need to do.  I have done a little bit of this myself, and there are some schemes you can try, but it's likely not anything you haven't determined yourself...


          1) rename every symbol in the library of the file you're copying from, using some series of letters that identify it uniquely for that file, then copy things in.


          2) do a quick scan of the libraries and try to catch whatever obvious similar namings exist and change those names.  Try the copy/paste and if you get the message regarding a conflict, rinse and repeat.


          This won't help much in the case where you have used the same items in different files, except to realize which ones those are and let the conflict be resolved by whichever option you choose when the conflict question arises.

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            Rothrock Level 5

            I usually cancel the paste, open/create a brand new file, paste it into the empty file, and rename all the symbols. That way I'm sure to catch them all. I also usually take that opportunity to organize the assets into a nice folder in the case that they are in disarray.


            I also recommend suggesting that they add some way of dealing with this as a feature.



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              logeye Level 1

              Thanks Ned and Rothrock,


              I kinda figured that would be the case.


              I did use the link you provided to request a new feature. Thanks.


              Thank to both of you for helping with this forum.  It has been a great instructional tool for me.  I still haven't master the search feature in this new format though.


              Thanks again.

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You're welcome.  When it comes to searching, my advice is you should always try Google first.  I have trouble finding posts in these forums I want to refer people to using the search option... sometimes Google can find them faster, along with a variety of other similar links to what I'm looking for.

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                  Christopher Scrudder

                  Why don't you use a MovieClipLoader?  Then you could load all of your panels into your main project.  This would require you to have multiple FLA's, this could possibly be less work & make your project more modular.




                  var CurrentWindowListener:Object = new Object();


                  CurrentWindowListener.onLoadComplete = function(target_mc:MovieClip){
                       //fully loaded (not started)

                       //move the panel movieclip in this frame


                  CurrentWindowListener.onLoadInit = function(){
                      //action taken when the FLA starts


                  var CurrWindow_mcl:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
                  CurrWindow_mcl.loadClip( "panel.swf", mcPanelWindow);