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    Symbol animation restrictions


      In connection with another question I asked earlier which I've been trying to solve whilst waiting for help, I've found another 2 possibly related problems:


      I have a symbol, which I animate from 0% scale up to about 110% and then back to 100%.

      this makes a nice little growing animation.



      I've noticed two major issues:


      1: I can't seem to scale any of my symbols down to 0% scale via the Transform panel. Depending on the original size of the symbol on the stage, I can sometime only scale it down 1% or sometimes even only 10% minimum. this results in tiny visable dots where I need there to be nothing.


      2: If I animate the above growing animation (whilst ignoring problem 1) on a symbol that has not been rotated everything is ok but if the symbol has been rotated, then the resulting growing animation has a small but sharp position change just after the second of three keyframe. I never changed any position whilst setting the keyframes so why would this happen??


      If anyone can help I would be most grateful