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    Image Issue


      Hi, I just shot a music video with a DSLR where I would make everybody play in slow motion and I'd shoot 4 medium quality Jpeg / seconds....


      I import everythin in premiere pro, create a sequence that plays 16 images per seconds, and it looks fine. The only problem is that the video becomes extremely laggy when you view it....


      I have a dual core 2GB of Ram and that plays a big role, But I'm looking for ANY solution to allow me to view the video properly.


      I recently heard people talking about Proxy? Would that help?



      Anyways thanks a lot!!!!




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          whantice Level 1

          Just want to point out that the video becomes laggy IN PREMIERE PRO !


          It is just unviewable....


          I render the video.... the first time I play the sequence and it just lags the whole video. Then I play it again you can view a little bit more before it starts lagging but still useless....

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Use another tool. Your source material is unsuitable for VIDEO editing, since it is not from a VIDEO camera. Maybe PS is more suitable. Else you have to figure it out yourself, but likely your PC is not up to meeting your requirements and material.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Which DSLR did you use? There are two very popular ones right now, the Canon 5D MK II and the Nikon D-90. Each uses a different scheme for their Video files, and each poses a different set of problems. The best handling of these Assets is accomplished via different means.


              Good luck,