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    Can't Record a Voice/Over

    mediaman54 Level 1

      I have Premiere Pro CS4 with a Matrox RT.X2 card,

      Windows Vista 64.


      My mic goes into an audio mixer that goes into the Matrox breakout box line in.


      I can hear myself with headphones through the PC's sound card.


      I have a 10 minute video with sound on Audio 1 in a sequence.

      I have some music tracks on Audio 2.


      I want to record an additional "commentary" track.


      I added an audio track, Audio 3.


      In the mixer, I clicked on the "Enable Track for Recording" button for Audio 3.


      I can see a VU meter reading on Audio 3 when I speak into the microphone.


      I click on the Record button at the bottom of the mixer.  It blinks Red.


      I click on the play button.  I can hear the original audio and my microphone.  The VU meter for Audio 3 is moving.


      I click Stop.  I see no new waveform on Audio 3, no new file in the Project panel, no new file in the folder where other capture files are.

      My scratch disks are set to be with the project.


      In the History panel, I see "Record Keyframes".  (A clue to my problem?)


      What the heck am I missing here?!?!




      I started a brand new empty sequence, and I CAN record a voice over, and the track appears nicely on the timeline after I stop.


      (Yay.  I see "Record to Sequence" in the History Panel.)


      Then I started another new sequence, dragged the original sequence with video onto the timeline,

      and I was again able to record a voice over onto an additonal track.


      So, why can't I record a voice over on the original sequence?  Why am I locked out of recording new audio to a new track in that original sequence????


      Thanks for any insight you can provide.