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    Web link for id plate for flash web galleries

    ErikTurner Level 1

      I've created a number of html galleries, where you have the ability to make your id plate a link- very useful as this can link back to a main page with links to other galleries. This is pretty straightforward for HTML:

      Picture 5.png


      My problem, however, is that the flash galleries do not have this option for some reason! I don't see a way to make the id plate into a link for flash galleries under the web export...

      Picture 6.png


      I don't even mind going back after exporting to my local computer and adding in a link... but I am not proficent with flash, and don't know where to add it.... the index.html that is created as the home page of the web gallery didn't include anything I could edit... I guess flash buries things a bit and its harder to edit it manually....


      Any help in allowing a link to be made from the id plate for flash galleries would be greatly appreciated...