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    Cannot E-Mail a PDF Form w/ a Submit Button


      Hi, I feel really inept at this point and I'm hoping someone can help me (PLEASE!).  My Home Owner Assoc. uses PDF forms created in Nitro PDF, but most users user Adobe Reader.


      When a Nitro PDF form is opened in Reader, everything works as designed (radio buttons, form filling, tabbing, drop down lists, etc.) EXCEPT the Submit Button. The response is "This Operation Is Not Permitted" when the button is clicked.


      If I go to File, Attach to E-Mail, the response is "The e-mail copy that you just chose will e-mail a blank copy of this form.  The blank copy will not contain any data you might have typed into this form" with a button that states "E-MAIL A BLANK COPY".  Obviously this defeats the purpose.  There is a lightbulb TIP that states: "This form contains an email submit button, located on the form.  Clicking this email submit button will email a data file containing data you type into this form", so obviously Reader recognizes the submit button.


      The form works perfectly in NitroPDF (of course) and NitroPDF support says that it is a "problem" on the Adobe end.


      Can anyone help me please?  I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium SP!, Firefox 3.0.11, NitroPDF5.5, Adobe Reader Version


      Randy in Palm Springs