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    Desktop app based on AIR using Flex



      I am a .NET/PHP programmer and  is new to Flex. We have a requirement for a small desktop application to be provided as a service download (ref: BBC news ticker). I read that Flex would be a good option.


      My questions are as follows:


      1. Your feedback on using Flex

      2. Is Flex 4 to Flex 3 better to start with (newbie)

      3. Do I require any other investment other than Flash Builder

      4. Any disdvantages in using Flex compared to a Windows app (apart from OS compatibility issues)


      I may be asking too many questions in my first post itself. However, this will help me to decide the technology for my requirement.


      Kindly request all Flex developers who has some time to spare to reply to my above post. Thanks in advance for all your vaulable inputs.