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    Best Format for export to Encore?

    acmputr Level 1

      OK, I'm a newbee.,.please don't rub it in.


      I shot a play of 11 acts.  In Premiere CS4 I created a project with one timeline for each act and then edited the video withing each timeline.  When I go to dynamic link the project to Encore it only takes the timeline loaded or only the first timeline when I have them all loaded.   I tried it with all 11 acts on one timeline and that worked.  Is that the best way to import for additional enhancement in Encore?


      I seem to be hung on the idea of exporting each timeline as a complete video and then importing that into Encore making chapters of each act.  BUT, I don't want to loose quality by excessive transcoding.  I have the Lynda.com videos and nowhere does it say what video format is best for outputting to a file that will be loaded into Encore CS4.


      Can someone who actually knows what they are doing help?


      Thanx in advance,