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    new to cairngorm


      I am learning flashbuilder and the caringorm framework at the same time.  Without a background in OO or design patterns, learning is a slow and rather difficult process.


      I didnt realize the framework is all driven by I think you call them Actionscript classes.


      In this case, following simple tutorials building mxml files with data grids won't cut it for larger projects.


      I see some posts for different topcs not covered in the cairngorm tutorial; injectors for example.


      Can any of you recommend  the best actionscript resources (books, tutorials, video training) for learning how to build ecommerce applications.


      I like the fact that the cairngorm tutorial is based on something similar to an ecomerce site.  The key for me is to learn Actionscript, then expand the functionality of this ecommerce site; e.g. next'n navigation functionality, checkout process, logging in, etc...


      Additionally, if any of you know of additional resources in helping me learn how to use Cairngorm with Flashbuilder and Actionscript in order to build a ecommerce site, I welcome all of your feedback.