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    Please help....AME Crashes on Opening

    asiabackpacker Level 1

      None of the fixes for this posted in other threads, or on Adobe's site, have worked for me.


      And I wish I could give more information, but there's not much..


      Basically AME just crashes every time I open it. If I open it through Premiere, or if I open it directly from the finder, it gets hung up on the splash screen when it says:


      Loading: ExporterP2.bundle


      It gets hung up and then it crashes every time without fail.


      I have trashed the prefs, rebooted, updated QT.


      Could it be something to do with running the trial version? When I tried to launch Encore, it crashed and said that it doesn't run in trial mode. Could this be the same problem with AME?


      I am on the newest fastest biggest MacBook Pro, 4gigs ram, 2.8GHz Core Duo...


      I am baffled at this point..


      Anyone, got anything at all????


      Thank you!