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    Can't resize window


      Hi there,


      perhaps somebody already solved this problem - a little help would be great :-)


      I have two monitors.
      On the left it's landscape, on the right it is pivot (1440x900 and 900x1440).
      The Premiere Window always starts on the pivot-monitor (monitor 1) and then can't be resized to the aspect ratio and resolution of the main window which is landscape.
      Operating System: Windows Vista



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          Steve Grisetti-JFIrXo Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is the Premiere Elements window maximized? If so, make it a floating window and it should open in the same spot on your desktop every time. (Otherwise it will open in your #1 monitor.)


          At least that's how it works in XP. I don't know about Vista.

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            marc.bosch Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            thanks for helping.

            I just added a few photos to show what happens.

            1. DSCF3703.JPG  the Premiere Elements 7 window opens maximized on my right-hand screen (pivot)

            2. DSCF3704.JPG I minimize it and pull it over on the left-hand screen

            3. DSCF3705.JPG when trying to maximize it on the landscape left-hand-screen, it stays in the pivot-aspect-ratio


            Do you see the problem? :-)




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              Steve Grisetti-JFIrXo Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              My guess is that the program is using the #1 screen as reference for defining itself as maximized. (In the same way, the Windows background you're using is likely either landscape on both monitors or portrait.)


              If you keep it a floating window and don't maximize it, you should be able to place and size it as you'd like.

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                marc.bosch Level 1

                Already tried to fix the size by myself by not maximizing it and then pulling it into the size I want.

                No chance - it stays in pivot-aspect-ratio.


                This is what I also tried:



                I also tried to switch screens in Windows so that screen 1 was screen 2 and the other way round.

                So I thought it would take the landscape screen as reference.

                No chance - doesn't work



                I tried to switch the screens positions so that the left screen appeared right in Windows and the other way round.

                No change - it keeps opening on the pivot-screen.



                I also switched off the pivot-screen and it started on the landscape screen because it was the only screen available.


                BUT when I switch on the pivot screen it resizes and jumps over to the pivot-screen.