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    Recording Times

      I have recorded a movie which took me 60 seconds but when I play the movie back in Captivate it lasts for 2 min 20 seconds. Is there anyway to record a 'real time' movie which will be exactly the same speed as I recorded it?

      Thank you
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi there!

          Yes, there is, but not in Captivate as a rule. You could use full-motion (FM) recording (only) but Captivate really isn't designed for FM over long time periods ... it is a feature intended to let you record a few seconds of "dragging" action, not 2 minutes or longer.

          I said "Yes, there is ..." and what I meant was that if this is what you want, you can use a different application, such as "Camtasia Studio" which is specifically designed for AVI formatted recordings. Sounds like this might closer fill your wishes, and would be better for you than trying to use Captivate for something it was not designed to do.

          Welcome to the user forums, CorinneAHK. I encourage you to give Captivate an honest trial - using it as designed - but if you go to another software, all the best to you...
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            CatBandit Level 3
            Ooops. I guess I'd better add a comment on how you can use Captivate to accomplish full-motion recordings like you want.

            Begin recording and immediately press the keyboard function key F9 to begin FM recording - then do whatever you want to capture - and press keyboard key F10 to end FM recording. Finally, press the END key to stop recording. You should end up with a single (animated) slide in your project. Note, you will have to narrate while recording, as adding audio (or anything else) to the full-motion slide is going to be problematic for you at best.

            I don't think you'll like the file size or even the quality of the finished product after using FM in Captivate this way, but if you want to do it, that's how. Best of luck to you!