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    What's your smallest Flex SWF file size? (SDK 3.3 vs 4.0)

    Zen Seven Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I know that this subject has been discussed a million times before, but I wanted to confirm with the more advanced developers here what's the best file size you can get with the latest Flex SDK Framework.


      Building in release mode, with optimizations on and pulling out all embedded fonts, images, etc, using RSLs and SWC whenever possible - the best I've been able to get a simple Flex SWF application is 125159 bytes, with the Flex 3.3 framework using version of the RSL swf/swz files.


      Has anyone been able to do better? Either with tricks not mentioned in this post or with a later version of the framework?


      I'm hoping we can.. I've been non-Flex swf files in the 10-20k range. That would be sweet.