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    Printing out of Photoshop with new Epson interface

    JoeLunetto Level 1

      Does anyone have the proper workflow for printing out of Photoshop CS4 to an Epson 3800 with the new Epson printer preferences interface? I just upgraded to a new computer that is running Vista 64 and downloaded the Epson driver for that OS and now the print preferences window is totally changed. Most importantly I do not see any option for turning off printer color management so that Photoshop can manage color. 

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          I am having a similar issue with the 3800 and a new IMAC. I do not get the photo options, only the options for printing a document. Any one have experience with this issue?

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            Lou Dina Level 3

            In the Photoshop Print dialog, be sure you select "Color Management" from the pop up box (not Output).  This gives you the ability to choose whether you want Photoshop or the Printer to manage colors. Platform shouldn't make any difference.


            I don't have a 3800, but if you are pulling up the correct driver and have the advanced options selected, you can be sure "No Color Management" is available as an option.  Perhaps you need to select Photoshop Manages Colors before that becomes available, but I don't recall that being the case.


            Be more specific in your posts so we know whether you are struggling with the Photoshop dialog or the printer driver.  Adequate detail will get you a better response.



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              David Tothill


              I am confronted with same strange prob with CS4 to Epson via Print Dialogue. It simply vanishes the file !

              Back with CS3 I had to ditch the apalling Gimpprint drivers that loaded with OS10.5. - quality was useless.

              Loaded original Epson Drivers from Epson site and that restored the ability to go to a fully comprehensive Print dialogue box where I could switch off Color Adj, let Photoshop control color, etc. and then load my custom printer/paper profile - it worked fine.

              Then I get CS4 and it all falls apart.

              The same dialogue box,

              the correct printer is seen,

              the profile is selected, etc,

              then, hit print in the final dialogue box and the Epson printer dialogue box, which tells me it is ready, sees the job for a moment and then it just disappears from the dialogue box and the printer remains silent !

              (I have repaired permissions, deleted printer prefs, zapped the PRAM, switched off the printer, switched off the iMac, switched on the printer, then iMac)

              I open the same file in CS3 and no problem.

              OK, it's an old Epson 1290S but it produces spot on Super A3, near-exhibition images all the time with the Fotospeed profile.

              (iMac 2.4GHz Intel )


              What is happening ? Or should this be reported as a bug ?


              Thanks and good luck out there !

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                Printer_Rick Level 4

                This post by Miguel may or may not be helpful:





                It is my understanding that when printing out of Photoshop, with "Proof" selected under Color Management, and "Photoshop Manages Colors" under Color Handling, Photoshop is performing 2 color conversions on output.


                The first is to the "Proof" profile (which for commercial print purposes describes the press condition), based on Color Settings. Then this in turn is converted to the RGB ink jet printer profile.


                With this final conversion, it changes depending on the Proof Setup options (paper color, black ink) in the Photoshop print dialog. If neither is checked, it is Relative Colorimetric, BPC enabled. If black ink is checked, Relative Colorimetric, BPC disabled. If paper color is checked, Absolute Colorimetric.


                Maybe these correlations are common knowledge but they were certainly news to me. What it means is, if you are having a lot of trouble with a print interface, you could do the necessary conversions manually and send uncalibrated RGB to the printer. Not an efficient workflow but will work if you're in bind.