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    Extneral swfs won't load Firefox/Safari

      i have a swf that loads external swfs, it worked for over a year, now it's broken, i've tried so many things to solve this with still no luck. in Firefox it loads the main timeline but not the 2nd movie. In Safari it doesn't even load the timeline swf (the activity monitor says forbidden, i can't find any info anywhere on what that means) it still works perfectly in Opera and IE 8/7, these are things i've tried:

      i've tried changing relative paths to absoulte paths
      i've added to htaccess log file flash/shockwave
      re-exported as version 8
      changed export settings to local and then to network
      added secuity code to allow all
      used swfobject and then removed
      all files in same folder as index page
      = all actions had no effect on the problem
      originally created in flash 8, now in CS3 (flash 9) exported as 8 & tried 9 with AS2

      it works perfectly in all browser when viewing the page locally. thanks for any ideas, would really appreciate your insight or thoughts, as i've been trying for weeks to figure this one out, russ

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          russb22 Level 1
          solved: somehow when i added re-write protections for hot linking blocking it also was blocking serving the swfs files to the movies, i deleted swf from the rewrite mod in the htaccess file for both my master directory and the specific website and now it works in all browsers/operating systems, damn this one took me weeks to solve!