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    Server response does not appear in placeholder



      I am new to Air, and was just tinkering with a little app I have on my website which is basically a type of financial risk calculator- I won't bore you withall  the details. My question is, when I run the app (it uses php as the serverside code along with Spry) it works fine directly on the website, fundamentally I have a form, I put in some numbers, submit it and the response to the calculation is returned into a div on the same page. So when run in a browser there is no page update its all done with Ajax.

      When I run it in Air the calculated result is returned correctly but instead of returning to the placeholder div on the form, it comes back into a blank "page" not the placeholder in the form page. As a result I lose my menu bar at the top and you then need to exit the app to start again.


      I guess I am doing something wrong with respect to the returned result in terms of paths either in the Spry files or css, and assume this is a typical newb problem. I had a trawl through the forum but coul dnot see anything obvious. I have packaged up the html files and css files in the Air package but left the Spry files along with the serverside php. on the server.

      I have changed the paths in my files to full paths just in case it would help but the outcome is the same.


      Is there something obvious I am missing?