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    64 Bit Processor Compatabile with PE7?


      I just a purchased a new computer with a 64 bit processor and purchased Premier Elements 7 to make videos.  I have now come to find out that PE7 is only compatabile with 32 bit processors.  Is there a software patch or upgrade that have PE7 work correctly with a 64 bit processor?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As far as I know, the processor should be OK, as long as you are using a 32bit version of Windoze


          But, you should post the exact brand and model of processor, as well as the version of Windoze, in case someone knows of a problem

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            And, many folk have run PE7 on Vista 64-bit, with few problems, so long as they have updated Audio & Video drivers installed. You just have to remember that PE will be a 32-bit application, until probably the next full version is released.


            You might want to search the forum for comments on running PE on Vista 64-bit, if that is your OS. You might want to follow the link in this ARTICLE for some great set-up suggestions for a 64-bit OS.


            Good luck,



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              jlenzraleigh Level 1

              I will try to update my drivers..but i just bought the computer three weeks ago.  It has a an Intel R core i7 CPU 920 @ 267  gh7.  I have negotiated the return of PE7 to the big box retailer ...The Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 is supposedly configured to be compatible with the i7 ..so will probably go in that direction rather all the steps in optimizing this system for $100 of software..

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                Steve Grisetti-JFIrXo Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                There's no way to get around keeping your system up to date if you're planning to do something as intensive as edit video.


                Most brand-new, right-off-the-shelf computers have software that is at least a month out of date.


                I urge you to go to Windows Update and download every update (It may take several trips to get them all) and, at the very least, download the latest Quicktime.


                If there's an out-of-date driver or out-of-balance drivers or firmware on your operating system, it will come back to bite you at some point.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  As Steve points out, it's tough to keep all drivers up to date. These drivers can be instantly be made obsolete, with a simple OS update, or hot-fix. If one has these set to automatically install, they might not even know that they have been downloaded and installed. I have all of mine set to manual, but whenever I do download/install, I am poised to go to my video and audio mfgr's sites, to update all of my drivers. I keep each bookmarked in my browser and check all of the time, especially with any OS update.


                  Good luck,



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                    Kodebuster Level 3

                    First lets get our terminology in order to clear any confusion.


                    With a 64-bit Operating System, there is a difference between 32-bit-compatable and 64-bit native.


                    32-bit applications that will run under Vista-32 or (Vista-64 in 32-bit Mode). will list Vista as a Supported OS with thier System Requirements.


                    With regards to Cyber PowerDirector 7, I was not able to find any info indicating that this Release is 64-bit Native Code. As far as I can tell, it is a 32-bit App that may (or may not) have been fully tested and certified for Vista-64. My guess is it will run just fine in 32-bit Mode with both flavors of Vista.


                    Lets get back to PE7 and Vista:


                    The same that applies to Cyber 7 above applies to PE7.

                    PE7 is 32-bit and it will run on both flavors of Vista.

                    On the Adobe website for PE7 it actually lists Vista(32) with a minimum of 2 gig.


                    Regarding PE7 and Vista-64, Adobe has not fully certified or tested, and will not say so (and I suspect that the Cyber 7 will say the same).


                    I've been running PE7 on V-32 and V-64 for months without issue...

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                      jerrymac50 Level 1

                      If your doing Any video editing be prepared to get into the nut and bolts of your OS. Or just buy a Mac.