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    CS4 - is encountering a problem and needs to close

    annabelle v

      Hello from Africa


      We have a newish computer system which is not connected to the internet ( photography only,, Windows XP, 2 monitors) and this evening we installed  CS4, and un-installed CS3. When we try to open Photoshop the following message appears :


      Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver and has temporarily disabled GPU enhancements.

      Check the videocard manufacturer's website for the latest software

      GPU enhancements can be enabled in the Perfomance panel of preferences.


      We manage to get past this and then we are unable to open any photos in photoshop and the message that is diplayed is "CS4 is encountering a problem and needs to close" . CS3 had exactly the same problem but at least we were able to open photos and even work on them sometimes! Usually it reported the same message as above and then halfway through working with the pic, it closed down. Super frustrating!!


      Does anyone have any solution for us as I see it's not a new problem - we are not very clued-up, technically speaking , so could someone explain it simply?