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    Help with form sending the data to email


      I have looked all over the Internet for help with this.  I have tried numerous video tutorials and for some reason I can't get it to work.  I have created a form in flash cs4 AS2.  It is a contact information form where the user fills out their information and sends it.  I have created a the form in a movie clip (I have also tried it not in a movie clip) with the form components inside that movie clip.  I have given each component on the form an instance name.


      The form has:


      Full name (with instance name=name)

      Company (with IN =company)

      Title (with IN = title)

      Phone (with IN = phone)

      Email (with IN = email)

      Topic combobox (with IN=topic)

      Message box (with IN=msg)

      Submit button (with IN=submit)


      I need help with the actionscript writing.  I am VERY new to flash and have never done any scripting really.  Does anyone have a sample file I can look at to see how it works or can someone IM me and I can send my file for them to help me?


      My IM is logan3975


      Any help is greatly appreciated.  I consider myself a pretty technical person so I do learn quick...I just need some guidance until I wrap my head around how this all works.  Thanks.