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    Globally change values of multiple objects under same layer?

    mbaka2 Level 1

      It appears there is no way to do this but I'm going to ask any how in case I'm wrong.


      I have some 200 objects (individual dots for city names, all the same width and height) on a map, and all under one layer. I would like to change the size of these dots globally without selecting and editing each individual object. Using the selection or direct selection tool and selecting two or more dots treats them as a group rather than allowing me to change the all objects together. I have tried with each dot grouped and ungrouped, but each time two or more are selected the width and height of the size of the entire selected area surrounding the dots appears rather than the actual width and height size of the dots. Transform and Transform Each allows percentages, but I want to put in a specific width and height number for all the objects. I believe I once select all such objects in the past and then deselected one object which (as I recall) allowed me to enter specific the common width and height numbers for the objects, but this does not now work (if it ever did in the past). Any ideas? (Working in CS3)