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    How to synchonize tweening to a timer ?




      I'd like to assign tweening to a glowfilter alpha for a consistent blinking effect. Under no condition can it ever blink between 4 hz and 30Hz.. The only way I think I can get a consistent blink and avoid the "forbidden range" is using a timer.


      I don't know how to sync the tween to the timer.. Any suggestions ?


      BTW, this is flex 3x





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          xfer_rdy Level 1

          For those of you that care.... I'm answering my own question..


          The Tween class is driven of a 10 ms or 100Hz continuous interval timer. The timer interval is defined in a internal private variable creatively named "interval" in the tween class.

          This info is located in the source file tween.as.


          For certain operations, a 10ms event timer may incur significant overhead for some effects like alpha or color modulation. There is currently no other way to slow the timer except for creating a new tweening class from the source code. The critical variables are defined as static and private limiting their scope during inheritance.


          Obviously, creating a new tweening class is not a desirable alternative due to the fact it can easily become a code maintenence nightmare..


          If anyone from Adobe is listening, thanks for all the advise on the issues (cough--cough) and thanks for the source code.


          cheers, g