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    Kareoke style scrolling


      Hi everyone,



      Im here writing to you guys about a conflict I am having trying to find the easiest way to program/draw a kareoke style scrolling of words.


      The only logical way I can think of doing this as a newbie at flash animation is to type out the sentences then motion tween them accordingly so that the words are in sync with the Timeline and the soundfile(that is also synced to the timeline through manipulation of the fps) exactly.


      However, I also want to create a slight illusion of perspective from the back to the front as it scrolls from RIGHT to LEFT. The only way I can think of to do this is to scale and rotate it accordingly in the motion tween.


      Another problem I was thinking of was that all the sentences would have to be piled up on the right side of the stage waiting to be motion tweened across the stage and then piled up on the other side.


      Theres gotta be an easier way... Am I right?


      Can anyone explain how to program this into ActionScript??? Or any advice on how to start researching how to program this in AS would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks for the help!!