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    Combined Flex/Java project with Ganymede/FB4b1/lcds3b1 plugin?

    ma.tze Level 1



      first of all I would like to say a realy big thank you for developing FB4 and LCDS 3! Please keep on coding like this!


      I tried to set up a combined Flex/Java project. I used eclipse Ganymede and Galileo version of "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers" and installed the Flashbuilder 4b1 on top of it.


      After that I can create an combined project:


      1.) but I can not set or change the outputfolder to point to my projectfolder like tomcat\wepapps\projectname.

      If its not in that folder I can not use the start/stop server feature within eclipse EE.


      2.) I can not even change the default (FB4b1) port 8080 for the new created project. But I need to change it to 8400 (lcds default)


      Is this behavior an a bug? Or do I have to configure that in a different way?


      Thank you for any help!


      Martin Zach