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    how to create and apply Object Styles using javascript?


      hi all

      i need to create object styles with properties of "anchor Object Reference Point" and "anchor Positon Reference Point


      actually i tried

      var myOStyle = app.activeDocument.ObjectStyles.add({name: "LeftAlign"});

      myOStyle.achorPoint = AnchorPoint.LEFT_CENTER.ANCHOR;

      myOStyle.anchoredPosition = AnchorPosition.anchored;

      myOStyle.horizontalReferencePoint = AnchoredRelativeTo.COLUMN_EDGE;
      myOStyle.anchorXoffset = spaceVal;
      myOStyle.verticalReferencePoint = VerticallyRelativeTo.lineBaseline;

      but it does not work.


      and i need code for apple Object style to object.

      pls..help me..

      pls send code