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    How to read data from writable PDF Form?




      I need some help for the web site that I am working on.


      This is asp.net website. Client is requesting to provide writeable PDF forms on this website for download.

      These forms will be downloaded by customers, they will fill in the required data on these forms save it and upload the forms back on the website.

      Once uploaded we need to read whtever client has written in these forms and update in the database (SQL server).


      I have been going through adobe web site and lot of other web sites to understand this concept (as i have never done this).

      What I understood is, with Adobe LiveCycle designer and forms we can create writeable forms.

      However I have not got any idea or seen any documentation on how do I read the data that user has typed on these forms.

      This reading the data from pdf and saving into sql server, I have to do it in asp.net app.


      Could anyone please help me understand how to achieve this.


      Thanks a lot for you time.