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    How do I resize a graph?

    reddvinylene Community Member



      how do I resize a graph? From what I can see, I can only set its size when I create it?


      I guess I could Transform > Scale an existing graph - but I'd rather set a fixed width and height so I can keep the proportions right for when I import the graph into InDesign.



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          Steve Fairbairn Community Member

          The final size of your graph depends amongst other things on the size of the type and the number of digits in the XY values. So rescaling with either the Scale ot Transform tools is almost always necessary. I suggest snapping ruler guides to a rectangle which is in the correct size may be a good idea. Then you can always snap your graph to fit to the guides. Be aware that simple scaling will result in the type becoming distorted. You can select the type by double (or treble)-clicking on one of the digits with the Direct Selection (white arrow) tool. That way you select the whole group to adjust the size of the type.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Community Member

            Select the graph click on the graph tool in the tool bar there is an x axis settings for the drop down gives you some control.


            So does the columns width settings.

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              ankitas44494021 Community Member

              You can also follow this:

              Select the graph with the selection tool (v) -> Right click -> Scale-> uniform selection, input as 200% to double its size or 120% to increase the size by 20%. Click OK.