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    New Issues with Flash builder - Second time you do search from imported Tutorial file it breaks with AS error


      Okay, so I had an issue with the Design View that was broke because of the <s:text> tag inside of the <s:RichText> tag. Adobe fiexed that in one of the next released builds (discussion here in fourms). So I took the tutorial file (again) and started to work on it and all went okay, except that the 'tracking' method on the ricktext tag was taken out. Forums mentioned that. So on import of the 'tutorial' fxp from FC to Flex builder, you get several errors because FC still builds the fxp file with 'tracking' property being used in the RichText tag. No biggie, i just remapped to trackingLeft property in the effected files. Now mind you in  the older build that I had this project, worked fine, with the exception of the 'design view' issue with the <s:text> file borking the design view. Bug on it said it was fixed with the next build. which it was but this now when you take the EXACT same code and compile and run it the seach will break each and everytime. Think it has or may have something to do with Adobe taking out the 'tracking' property on the richtext tag.

      anyone else having this issue?

      attaching the fxp file

      btw, posted as a bug FB-21116