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    jump to movie is looking for a .cct instead of .cst

    nevereasy Level 1

      I have a large project with hundreds of movies using the jump to movie behavior to link them all together. Suddenly, some of the movies won't open because they are trying to open the shockwaved version of an external linked cast. They are looking for the file called scripts.cct instead of scripts.cst.

      1) why would a movie want to do that?

      2) what has made it change so that it wants to do that?

      3) how can a switch it back so that it works?


      I have searched but can't see that anyone else has ever had this problem.


      thanks for any help.


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          nevereasy Level 1

          I have solved one problem but I still have big questions.


          In the cast's property inspector, the address is missing completely. It is only misssing in a small number of my movies, so I could copy the address from movies that were working and paste it into the ones that are not, and now those movies open. I am talking about an external linked caste that provides scripts for my whole app.


          These are my 2 questions:


          1)     Why would that address go missing? Could it be something to do with the making of a shockwave movie?

               I have found in the past that the making of the shockwave movie can destroy some of the links of caste members!! I have to re-import the library members after making the shockwave, so that the original file is still a working movie.


          2)     The address of the caste is a full address leading back to the c: drive of my pc. Could this full path cause a problem in the finished shockwave application? Obviously the finished app will be played on other computers that can't possibly have that same path name. Is that path wiped? or made a relative path when the shockwave is made?


          3) ... I'm allowed! ... has anyone else ever had a problem like this? How can I be so unique????????????????????