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    Text over images as selectable browser text when exported as CSS and images in Fireworks




      I have used Adobe products for more than 10 years now (mostly Photoshop) and I have a full licensed CS4 Master Collection. I have attended the Creative Future seminar in Moscow in March 2009 where I was introduced to Fireworks. It felt like a really neat web solution. I was shown its capabilities of exporting graphic website designs as CSS and images. After that I watched the Lynda.com Fireworks CS4 Essential Training tutorials by Jim Babbage. At present I am fairly familiar with all the functions of the application. I am having issues when exporting as CSS and images when text in a design happens to be on top of an image. I'm sure it's possible to have a website layout arranged that way because I've seen numerous examples of that online. Is it possible to export using the Fireworks exporter in such a way that the text situated on top of images is exported as selectable text?


      I have included an example image with text over it in the attachment. Please tell me how to properly slice it up to achieve browser selectable text after a CSS and images export.