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    Change default debug player in Flash Builder


      I am on a mac and have the latest (non-debug) flash player installed in Safari.


      In Flash Builder, when I chooes to 'Run' my project the swf opens with which ever default application the OS has set to play SWFs. In my case I have set this to '/Applications/Adobe Flash Builder Beta/Player/mac/Flash Player.app'.


      However, when I choose to 'Debug', I am instantly notified that the "Installed Flash Player Is Not a Debugger", namely the one located at '/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin'.


      Is there any way I can get Flash Builder to debug using Flash Player.app as above and without having to install the debug flash player in my browser?


      If someone could explain how exactly Flex Builder hooks onto the debug player that would be helpful as well.



      Martin Muñoz