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    Adobe Livecycle add-in for Office - Install & SSO support?

    hdinfo Level 1

      I'm trying out contentspace plugin for MS Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) and I encountered 2 problems:


      1) Installation only works for users with administrative rights and although i choosed to install plugin for all users, other users can't see the plugin - as if not installed at all.


      2) Although I enabled SPNEGO authentication (I'm usign smart cards for Windows logon) and all applications (contentspace, workspace, rights management in Reader and in Word with rights management plugin) work - it seems that contentspace plugin doesn't support SSO and always expects username/password in it's configuration. This is unacceptable for my project because all users use Smart cards.

      Is there some configuration to be changed to enable SSO for contentspace plugin or this is it?


      I'm using latest LC 8.2 SP2 and Office 2003.