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    Reader 9.0 Freezes when trying to Save the file


      I have about 10-12 users that have Adobe Reader 9.0 installed, and when they open a PDF and click Save a Copy it just freezes. We have Windows XP SP3, Office 2003 SP3, a Document Managment application called Hummingbird DM 5.2, and IE 7.


      We have tried mutiple things, Uninstalling and reinstalling Reader, upgraded Reader to 9.1, Created a new user Profile. I actually have one user where I uninstalled IE 7 and she is now running IE 6 and it appears to be working. These just started happening in the past few weeks. I have over 500 users with these same setups, with no other reported issues.


      Has anyone seen this before? Any thoughts as to why this would be happening?