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    Use the same project to export to both BR and DVD?


      I have completed a project in Premiere, done with anamorphic HD footage in 1440 x 1080 shot with a Sony in AVCHD format.  No problems editing. I would like to offer my purchasers the opportunity to purchase either a DVD or Blue-Ray disc, but when I tried to build the DVD one with the default settings for DVD production, after about 3 hours of transcoding it said that the aspect ratio was incompatible with DVD.  Is there a setting in Premiere (or Encore) that I can use for the completed project to change the aspect ratio to DVD compatible settings without having to re-edit my video or export the video in that aspect?  (Tried to do the latter, but got impatient because it seemed to go into no-man's land and didn't show any signs of advancing.)