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    Installing Contribute

      Well, here I go again... Sales guy was aggressive enough in taking my money but now I can't get through on the one 800 number and I know so little about this stuff I don't know where else to go.
      Have purchased and am attempting to install Contribute. I am now at the point where it wants a 'connection key', says to get it from the 'administrator' whoever/whatever that is.
      Can someone help this non-techie here?
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          Tom Benjamin Level 1
          Can you follow the steps in Edit > My Connections > Create? You have to know how you connect to the website you want to edit. There is help available under Get started > Connect to a website.
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            fatfenders Level 1
            Thanks for responding Tom.
            Been there. I guess I reply with 'FTP' for connection but then it wants some specific info about the site, password etc. I don't know this. If I read it correctly, if I have a 'connection key' I don't need this other stuff. Correct? Says I should have received an email (didn't) with it or get it from the administrator. (I purchased it over the phone, directly from 'Brian', an Adobe salesman (I guess)).
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              Hello Tom,

              The only time you would use a connection key is if you have an administrator that already set up your connection for you. If you are attempting to create or edit a web site, you will need to know the ftp settings (or which ever protocol you are using). This would be provided by web site host or administrator. Here is a list of people you would contact, depending on what you are trying to connect to:

              Web site provided by your Internet Service Provider - contact your Internet Service Provider. Most ISP's provide the FTP connection information on their web site.

              Web site that you are paying for - Contact the Web Host. Again, they commonly list the connection setting on their web site.

              Internal business website - Contact the administrator of this site. Depending on your company, this may be your IT or IS department.