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    Basic Authentication, httpservice and useProxy=true oh my!


      I am using Basic Authentication on a REST Service which I have deployed to my local tomcat system.  I also am using the same domain (which is named default right now) to secure access to my FLEX application.  When I try to hit /root/FlexApp/FlexApp.html I get prompted with a username/password box, which I enter the correct information in and it logs me in.  If I then try to have my FLEX App access the REST Service I get inconsistent results.  In Firefox this works everytime no problem, but in Internet Explorer it seems that the credentials used to access the Flex App are not used when invoking the remote service always giving me a 401 Unauthorized error.  Can anyone provide me some details on how to track down what is causing this discrepency in the way this works in IE vs Firefox?


      I am using FLEX 3, ie 7 and FF 3.  Any pointers would be a great help.