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    Percentage of memory usage question

    pebalsamo Level 2

      I am running PPro CS4.1 on

      Win XP PRO 64 bit

      8gb of RAM

      Intel Core 2 Quad 2.5 GHz


      I am having trouble with Premiere locking up on me this morning while working with clips that were shot on a Panasonic HMC 150 (AVCCAM) camera and shot in 720 60p.  My sequence is a 720 60p sequence and prior to this morning I have not had any issues.


      While trying to play the clips in the timeline it would

      1. completely lock up and do nothing

      2. show a green screen in the monitor

      3. The CTI would move through the timeline, I could hear the audio but the screen would be black.


      It would do any of those things at different times.


      I tried to remove the clips from the scene bin and then re-import them and sometimes it would tell me that the clips size was to large and not import the clips.


      I tried to close premiere and restart my computer and I would get the little window that would pop up and say that Premiere is still running and needs to be shut down.  So I would end it and restart my computer but would run into the exact same problems.


      So I started running System Information For Windows and took a look at how much RAM I was using and it was just sitting at 15%.  That just seems really low to me for trying to play back AVCHD footage, but I have never payed any attenting to RAM usage before so I do not know what is normal...


      Any help on this would be appreciated....